Monday, August 12, 2013

Portland Century: Less than a Week to Go!

SIX Days Until the Portland Century!

Less than a week to go!  Hopefully next weekend's ride will be far less eventful (in a more positive way) than our training ride this past weekend.  Similar to last year's pre-STP ride, we managed to suffer through a few major and minor tribulations.  Call it a rite-of-passage:
  1. Bike / trail bollard (post) collision: resulting on one team member going to the hospital for stitches, jaw injury and fractured hand (think it's my bad luck rubbing off from last November?);
  2. Bee sting: it takes just a second for one of those bugs to get lodged in your jersey and reek mayhem (I'm glad I'm not allergic).  Nothing like doing the "there's a bee in my jersey" dance while on two wheels;
  3. Flat tires: well, one flat tire with two more tubes blowing their valves (we resorted to patches at the end).  Thanks to the local Performance Bicycle store for replacing the defective inner tubes, no questions asked; and
  4. Glass / Oblivious Pedestrians / Dogs off-leash: always fun to avoid during a mostly urban ride ...
That said, we're REALLY looking forward to the Portland Century next weekend, and having a POSITIVE eventful ride with a few thousand cyclists and other fellow LIVESTRONG supporters. 

A beautiful ride!
Amazing rest stops!
Fantastic company!
A gourmet salmon dinner and host beer bar at the end!

How can you NOT come along on this ride?

Please join us!  Use our promotional / discount code and save some money (see link below)!  Meet us at the start, or at the end!  It would be great to see you there, ride along or cheer us on!

Please support my fundraising efforts and the LIVESTRONG Foundation's amazing programs here:
   - much appreciated!

Hope to see you on the road!


Team Captain, Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle
Senior LIVESTRONG Leader

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