Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Cycling.  Spandex. Survivorship.

Need we say more?

Come out and join us for our SIXTH annual "Spin for LIVESTRONG" event in downtown Seattle.  It's a hoot! It's a holler!  It's full on heckling of passing pedestrians and drivers!

Please participate!  If you are a cyclist, bring your bike and your trainer and spin with us.  If you aren't a cyclist, come down to cheer us on and heckle as well!  Wear your LIVESTRONG jerseys, t-shirts, or something yellow to support us!

See you there!

“LIVESTRONG DAY - Spin for LIVESTRONG”: a celebration to support those affected by cancer, part of a series of worldwide events.

Friday, October 5, 2012

11:30-1:30 (ride time), with about 15-20 minutes setup/takedown on either end.

Union Street, south side, between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Cycling.  Spandex.  Survivorship. Need we say more? 
Cyclists and supporters will ‘spin’ on stationary trainers for two hours in support of cancer survivors, on the downtown streets of Seattle! We will ride in unison, raise awareness and fundraise, and heckle pedestrians as they pass by our line of cyclists. Grab a wristband!  Cheer us on, or cheer with us!  Every donation gets a round of applause.  You can check out our event here:   

The crew of volunteers from our LIVESTRONG Day 2011.  Please join us!