Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello, 2013!

Well, it’s been a rocky few months since the last posting in October of 2012, both personally and cause-driven, for our little Seattle team:

Ahhh, the accident.  Note the LIVESTRONG jersey (!).

-        Personally, I was unfortunately hit by a car while bike commuting to work in Seattle, just two weeks after the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge/Ride for the Roses Weekend in Austin, Texas in mid-October.  A car drove out in front of me, causing me to hit and ‘superman’ over the vehicle and land on my head, injuring me and totaling my bike.  Not great at all.

-        Cause-driven, and now with several weeks’ perspective, we are all affected and disappointed with the recent revelations of Lance, but the sentiment remains that LIVESTRONG is not about one person, nor about the professional cycling word: it is about the mission to serve people affected by cancer and to empower them to take action against the world’s leading cause of death.   LIVESTRONG's mission has not changed, nor should that powerful personal meaning of the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets. Lance is no longer associated with the Foundation, but we thank him for his dedication to the cause in transforming cancer victims into cancer survivors.

But now, we’re improving and recuperating, focusing and forging forward into 2013!  Let’s get back in the saddle, physically and metaphorically!

Pre-accident, at the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin 10/12

Bring it on!  Please join us!

(You can register to fundraise with us here: https://secure.livestrong.org/site/TRR/675010060 - search under “Seattle” for our team!)

There’s much to be done, and a lot of fun to be had along the way.

There’s a lot to look forward to as we plan our events for this year.  Our team has been discussing what rides and events to participate in, and ask that you plan to join or support us however you can – and help us continue to build a LIVESTRONG community in the northwest!

Riding Events on tap this year (so far – keep watching as we update this post and blog):

1.      2013 Seattle Bicycle Expo: March 9-10: https://shop.cascade.org/content/events/expo Please join us at this annual landmark event, where we kick off our season – talk about the upcoming season, connect with survivors and caregivers – and meet YOU!

2.      Flying Wheels Summer Century: June 8: https://shop.cascade.org/content/events/flying-wheels-summer-century We have ridden this ride for the past handful of years, and enjoyed it as a humbling century (depending on your course length) for the start of the riding season. Please register and join us!

3.      Chelan Century: June 22: http://www.centuryride.com A couple of us are planning to attend, after hearing a colleague’s account of the harrowing three hills. Meh!   

4.      Portland Century: August 18: http://www.portlandcentury.com We’re switching things up this year!  After a great couple of years with the Seattle Century, we are teaming with the same organizers for the Portland Century.  Stay tuned for more details – working to still have the same discount, semi-group ride, gourmet food and finish line dedicated area for LIVESTRONG riders.  A great late summer ride!

5.      Austin Team LIVESTRONG Challenge: October 20: http://www.livestrong.org/Take-Action/Team-LIVESTRONG-Events/Ride/Team-LIVESTRONG-Challenge-Austin A highlight by any measure – riding a fantastic ride through the Texas hill country, in LIVESTRONG’s back yard.  You are part of the LIVESTRONG community the moment you arrive.

In addition, we will have representation at the 2013 LIVESTRONG Assembly in Chicago at the end of February, and will connect and join forces again with the likes of Camp Kesem (http://www.campkesem.org) and other organizations, as well as YACFest (http://www.yacfest.com) and other community outreach events.  More to come!

Rest up! Please join us! 

It’ll be another fantastic year.


Senior LIVESTRONG Leader
Team Captain, Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle

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  1. Wow, superman over the car? You are definitely representing LIVESTRONG because you're living strong.

    How was your recovery Patrick?