Thursday, June 7, 2012


The Flying Wheels Summer Century Ride is upon us!  Aaack!

Well, in just two short days - Saturday, June 9, 2012 - our small band of grassroots LIVESTRONG riders will be out to participate in our first century ride of the year.

Are we prepared?

Uh, no.

But, despite the forecast cold and rainy weather, we WILL get out there and ride in honor/memory of the 28 million people currently affected by cancer worldwide.  We WILL wear our LIVESTRONG cycling kits proudly, to raise awareness of this organization and the noble work that it pursues, fighting to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

We'll also be wet and cold.

But that's temporary!  Hopefully we'll warm up during the ride (and afterwards in the car with the heat turned up to 11) - and be able to celebrate our accomplishments on the road.  It may take a while to feel our fingers and toes again, but the experience will make us stronger ...! (That's what I was told as a kid, anyway).

Hope to see you out there at the event! If you cannot make it, how about supporting us with a donation to one of our LIVESTRONG team members here - it's tax deductible, and will warm our hearts (and we'll need that, too!)

And did I mention that it will also be my birthday?  Yes, I like to celebrate in style.  Good times.  Good friends.  Great organization to support. (You can support my 'LIVESTRONG birthday fundraising' efforts here, too!)


Team Captain, Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle
Senior LIVESTRONG Leader

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