Tuesday, April 17, 2012


What an amazing past month and a half!

I wanted to share with you the highlights from our "Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle" group, on so many levels -

1.  Seattle Bike Expo Wrap-Up
2.  LIVESTRONG Assembly in Austin, Texas
3.  Looking Ahead!

Seattle Bike Expo Wrap-up
(March 10-11, 2012)

Wow!  Thanks to everyone in our group who volunteered to help out at the LIVESTRONG booth this year.  This was the FIFTH year that we had a LIVESTRONG presence, and it was great to connect to the almost 10,000 visitors over the two day event period.  It was fantastic to reach out to the cycling community and feel the love.

We shared stories, communicated the LIVESTRONG mission, raised funds, told people about our riding group and anticipated rides (including http://www.seattlecentury.com/ in July), and also helped a few people who were recently diagnosed by providing LIVESTRONG notebooks, as well as the number to the FREE LIVESTRONG Survivorcare (1-855-220-7777) where cancer survivors and their families can receive support.  Please forward this number to anyone you know who has been diagnosed with cancer - an amazing resource.

Thanks a ton to AJ, Mike, Jackie and Kent for your support.  Also, thanks to Magnolia Audio Video (http://www.magnoliaav.com/) for lending flat screens for the event, ARC Reprographics (http://www.e-arc.com/) for the banner, and to our booth roommates Cycling Camp San Diego (http://www.ccsd.com/) and Holland Cycles (http://www.hollandcycles.com/). It was a great time that we hope to repeat again next year!


LIVESTRONG Assembly in Austin, Texas
March 27-30, 2012

As a Senior LIVESTRONG Leader, I was invited to the LIVESTRONG Assembly in Austin, Texas at the end of March.  I, along with other Senior LIVESTRONG Leaders joined Leaders from around the world (about 200 of us!) to learn more about LIVESTRONG mission, advocacy and fundraising. 

It was an incredible few days connecting with Leaders who I had only met virtually, hear about what they are doing in their respective communities, and learn valuable information that you can only do with face-to-face interaction.  In addition to information and friendship overload (!), we were also introduced to some of our community partners. 

One of note is Camp Kesem (http://www.campkesem.org/) which provides a FREE week of camp to children whose parent(s) have been affected by cancer.  Amazing.  If you are in the Washington area, check out the local chapter - this is their first year, and the counselors that I met are passionate about their work!

Enough cannot be said about this Assembly. We all left Texas feeling united and energized!



(Riding the Burke Gilman from Gas Works Park to Marymoor and back - base miles!)

(Riding to Richmond Beach, North Seattle)

(Almost every weekend!)

We're out and training in the Seattle Area!  The usual cast of "Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle" riders above (AJ, Mike and me [Patrick]) are out on the roads and trails, and we would love to grow our group of riders!  We're not especially good or fast, and we enjoy the camaraderie.

It's easy:
1.  Sign up on the LIVESTRONG website as a group rider:  www.tinyurl.com/ride4lsseattle
2.  Send me an email - rideforlivestrongseattle@gmail.com
3.  We'll let you know when we ride!

So far, we have identified our first ride to be the "Flying Wheels Summer Century" to be held on June 9th, 2012.  Join us - hell, it'll be my birthday - and make the day special!


This year, once again, we will be part of the Young Adults with Cancer Festival (YACFest), along with other local youth organizations,and organized by Seattle Children's Hospital.  Here's what I do know - please join us!

When:  May 10, 2012  6pm-9+pm
Where:  South Lake Union Portage Bay Café, downtown Seattle
What:  A way for your organizations to connect with young adult cancer patients and survivors in the community. 
Yum:  Catered by Portage Bay Café, beer and wine available

Glenn Rockowitz, author of Rodeo in Jolliet – a young adult cancer survivor’s memoir
Mike Lang – cancer survivor and founder of Survive and Thrive and maker of the films ‘Wrong Way to Hope’ and the newly released ‘Ebb and Flow:  Storytelling for Cancer’ (which we will screen)


Well, that's it for now - thanks for following us.  Keep an eye out for updates - another coming soon on our list of rides and events as they unfold for 2012. 

We're a group of volunteers who passionately support LIVESTRONG and their support of cancer survivorship.  Please contact me if you'd like to support or join our group!


Captain, Ride for LIVESTRONG Seattle
Senior LIVESTRONG Leader

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