Wednesday, July 13, 2011

STP Complete! We Made It!

Hello, Everyone!


Last weekend we managed the 205-mile Seattle to Portland (STP) ride in two days!  It was great fun for the four of us - (above, from left to right) Patrick, Ron, AJ and Mike - as "Ride for Livestrong Seattle" was well represented in the sea of over 10,000 riders going in the same direction!

Day 1 was approximately 135 miles, with a stopover in Castle Rock, WA, while Day 2 was a 'meager' 70 miles and ended in Portland.  It was a well organized and supported ride, and I can say that we look forward to returning next year!  (No, we're not going to do the STP-PTS ride in one weekend, as some die-hards do in one weekend!)

 AJ (Andrew) 




Surprisingly, it was a 'manageable' ride - with AJ pulling for most of the trip (he's a machine) while the rest of us sat on his coattails ... and with a number of highlights, including:
  1. Incredible weather, including two magnificent sunrises (the first over Lake Washington, with Mount Rainier in the background);
  2. Well-stocked rest stops;
  3. Only one stop for a flat tire (well, one stop with three flat tires, right, Mike?);
  4. Overnight at Castle Rock High School (food, massages, and camping on the gymnasium floor);
  5. Beautiful urban and rural scenery, including 13 miles of covered, forested bike paths, farmland, views of Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens, and Magnificent bridge crossings into Oregon and into Portland;
  6. Free chocolate milk(!);
  7. Great times with good friends on the road;
  8. Making it to Portland in one piece;
  9. Napping on the bus ride home; and
  10. Hearing afterward that a 9-year-old completed the ride, too (oh, how humbling).

Next stop: the Seattle Century Ride ( on July 30th (less than three weeks away!).  Please see our first blog posts below about how to register with our exclusive Livestrong discount,  how to join our team (yes, there is still time!), and ride with us during this event!

We continue on to raise awareness for LIVESTRONG ( and their cancer kicking programs and survivor support!  Please join us, train with us, or support us!  Email us at with any questions, or to let us know if you'd like to be part of our group!

Until we meet again,


Livestrong Leader, Seattle
Team Captain, Ride for Livestrong Seattle

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