Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to Ride for Livestrong Seattle!

Hello, and welcome to our Blog!

We are a group of Seattle-area Livestrong Supporters - volunteers, Livestrong leaders, cyclists, cancer survivors and cancer kickers - who have banded together to create a team, "Ride for Livestrong Seattle", to fundraise, train, ride a few good rides in the Northwest, and most of all, support cancer survivors and their families.

2011 marks the inception of our team, to stir the pot and continue the momentum of Livestrong support that began with the Livestrong Challenge events in Portland in 2005, and ended in Seattle in 2010.  Thousands of cyclists and runners participated in these annual events, and we hope to tap into that passionate support through our involvement with Livestrong on the grassroots level.

What is this all about?  Well, quite simply, we have formed a fundraising 'team' that will be participating in the Seattle Century (see which is one of the most wonderful, well-supported rides in the Pacific Northwest.  We are individually fundraising through the Livestrong Grassroots website, where 100% of funds raised will go directly to Livestrong, and its cancer-kicking programs.

How do I become part of the team?  Is this an exclusive club?  Is everyone a gear-head?  Ummm, no.  All you need is a road bike, and be able to participate in the Seattle Century (50- or 100- mile cycling options), as well as have the conviction to raise a few dollars for Livestrong.

Three simple steps to be part of our team:
  1. Register as a rider for the Seattle Century:   ***JUST ADDED!  Key in code "LIVESTRONG23" and get a $10 discount off of registration! (Thanks to the Seattle Century organizers for their generosity!)***
  2. Register yourself and be part of the "Ride for Livestrong Seattle" team at - while fundraising is not mandated, it is highly encouraged (after all, this is the reason for our team in the first place!).
  3. Drop me an email at and we will send you information about training rides, social events, and specific information about our Team as it develops around the Seattle Century event!
What's in it for Me?  Why should you join us and fundraise? Well, the incentives a three-fold:
  1. Physically, you will be exercising and training for a fun event, improving your health.  We'll even notify you of days/locations that we will be training.  How great is that?
  2. Emotionally, you will be feeling the pride and satisfaction of supporting an incredible organization that provides support to individuals who are in the fight of their lives.  We'll help you with fundraising ideas. You'll also have a lot of fun with us ... we're fun people!
  3. Pragmatically, we are working on creating some cool 'incentives' to provide you a spark to keep you fundraising.  On top of that, all fundraising qualifies you for Ride for the Roses incentives (an incredible Livestrong event weekend in Austin, Texas, in October). Check out: for more information.

Our goal is to provide an inclusive team atmosphere, a supportive team environment around our event, and support for LIVESTRONG.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

Please join us!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for updates!

Livestrong Leader, Seattle
Team Captain, Ride for Livestrong Seattle

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  1. Thank you to Livestrong Grassroots Quarterly Newsletter (June 7, 2011) for publishing us as your "Event Feature" ride! We appreciate the support!

    Seattle Century has also provided all Livestrong Riders with a $10 discount at registration: key in the code LIVESTRONG23 - and that's that!

    We will also have a dedicated Livestrong table at the ride finish, during the gourmet salmon dinner. Be sure to join us!